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What is a super bag? 

It is the money bag which solves your money counting problems.

Does your business need to use Greg’s Super Bags?  Answer these three questions:

  1. Does your business handle a lot of cash and change?
  2. Do you use a bill counter and change counter machine?
  3. Are you looking to save time and money in your cash counting room?

If you answered yes to all three of these, you definitely need Greg’s Super Bags!

Because you have this…

You end up doing this!

My Secret: A Better Money Bag

For 30 years I have worked in a very cash intensive industry.  I owned a very successful vending machine company. Want to know my secret?

My very streamlined and fast procedures in the money room.  Let me walk you through my money counting procedures. 

  • Each machine carries a barcode label.
  • A corresponding label is slipped into the money bag pocket on a super bag
  • The route driver matches the label and machine, dumps the change into the big pocket, places and neatly stacked bills into the small pocket and checks that machine off his list.
  • The money bags are returned to the counting room.
  • Each money bag is scanned, the big pocket is emptied into the change counter, the neat stack of bills is placed into the bill counter, the totals are entered into the computer for that machine, and you are ready to move on to the next bag. 

The key to this is replacing standard money bags with Greg’s Super Bags.

The super bag solved serious problems I discovered doing an annual review of my business.  Collecting money from the machines in the traditional canvas money bags created major problems in my cash-counting room.

  • Coin counting was delayed waiting for stray coins among the bills to be removed
  • Bills had to have coins removed, be straightened, sorted and stacked

These problems created a lot of stress, took up a lot of time, and was costing me a lot of money. That is when I began my quest for a solution.

The Quest

Man on a long winding road walking towards distant misty mountains. symbolizing the quest for a better money bag.

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Looking for the elusive answer

I was frustrated

Counting your money should be the best part of the job.  Instead, getting the bills ready to put in the counting machine was a huge bottleneck. This wasted so much time and it was an expensive problem. 

If you are in the vending business or other cash-intensive business you must know the same frustration that became my pet peeve;  separating and straightening the bills.

Every time we rushed, a coin would end up in the bills and jam the counting machine.  Most times it seemed to be a dime.  Everything stopped to get the coin and restart the count.  And sometimes the delay was even longer because the coin would break the machine.  So on top of the time lost, a repair expense gets added all because of one thin dime.

The bills came out of my vending machines stacked neat and clean.  My moment of inspiration came when I asked myself, “Why don’t I keep them organized like when they come out of my machines?”

Then I realized the source of all my problems was my old money bags.

Using separate bags didn’t work. That caused its own set of problems. I worked till I came up with the design for a single bag that is quick and easy to use. 

  • This single 2 pocket money bag keeps bills and coins separate. 
    • Has ample sized pocket just for coins.
    • Bill pocket holds 300 bills in a neat stack
      • Just like they come from your machine.
  • A clear window to easily add labels or barcodes for tracking each machine.
    • Convenient for quickly changing your labels as needed.
  • A zipper that is strong, secure, yet easy to open.
  • Washable bags was a great suggestion that was added.
Greg's Super Bag, the better money bag has a photo with details described.
9.25"Wide by 11.5"High
Stitched coin/bill divider
Zippered bill pocket on the bottom
Greg’s Super Bag

Our New Reality

From my first days where I was basically doing it all, counting the money was great but time consuming.  Once the business began to grow, money counting was far more stressful than it should have been.  My quest to save time and money resulted in Greg’s Super Bags.

It takes no extra at the machine yet it saves all that wasted time in the counting room.  No more bill counter repairs.  But those were not my biggest savings. 

The reduction in STRESS was the saving that quickly became apparent to me.  The office environment was far less tense.  Finally, my staff and I enjoy counting my money like I did when I first started my business.  All because of one little bag.

Are you ready for your new reality?

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