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About Me!

Hi, I’m Greg Carron.

Working in the vending industry has been great for me.  It was a stroke of good luck that got me started.  Working at a racquet club in San Diego my future changed one day when my frustrated boss asked me to straighten out the mess with the vending machines. 

I enjoyed this work.  My duties soon included the vending machines at all three racquet club locations.  Recognizing an opportunity and discovering my own my entrepreneurial spirit led me open and grow my own vending business. 

For 30 years I have made a good living from my vending machine business in San Diego.  From my humble start, we proceeded to build a great team that soon served over 1000 San Diego companies, small & large

The best thing I did when I was starting my business was to go to the NAMA Show.  There I met people and very quickly developed friendships based on our common business experiences.  Meeting people like you is why I continue to enjoy going to events like the NAMA Show.  Some of the people you meet there are walking encyclopedias of knowledge about the vending industry.

Trying to be a good member of our industry. I shared what I learned over the years as well.  That is how Greg’s Super Bags got started.

Cash handling created a problem in my very cash-intensive business.   The delays from this bottleneck were taking family time away from me.  Identifying the problem was not hard, solving it was!

Greg’s Super Bags is the final solution after much trial and error.  Sharing my discovery with other vendors friends quickly led to requests for some of my bags.  I was kindly reminded that some of my vending machines did not make a lot of money. These machines were put in locations that needed them because I felt it was the right thing to do.  

There’s not a big profit margin in these bags, but I have personally seen how my friend’s businesses needed them.  They can make a difference for your business too. 

Large and small businesses now share my discovery to control their cash handling problems.  It is great to be able to help all these businesses.  However, I get the most satisfaction from helping out the entrepreneurs.  I know with these people, a little extra time saved might mean little extra time with their families.

My focus has been on my industry.  Recently, I found the problem that led to my creating the super bag is shared throughout the vending industry and extends to other industries too.

Businesses large and small are telling me how much Greg’s Super Bags are helping them.  Check out some of their testimonials here.

Vending machines are ready to serve you any time, any place.

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4 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hello, I’m Interested in your bags

    Is there only one size?

    Thoughts ? Could you use larger pocket for bills and smaller for change in larger locations ?

    Price ? Colors? Quantity discounts ?

    Will you be at nama show to see the bag?

  2. I love money bags!!! Now all I need is money to put in the money bags. I just purchased some really expensive dirt to use for one of my client’s multi million dollar home and as soon as he pays me, I will need some money bags to fill with that money. He often pays with 5$ bills so they will have to be big!


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