How to Improve Your Greatest Asset!

The biggest hidden asset of any business is a good reputation.  It will never show up on the books.  Yet it may be the greatest moneymaking factor in your business.  Here are some specific ideas on how to improve this valuable asset.  The economic crash from this pandemic has hit everyone hard.  Capitalize on the … Read more

Coin History and Future of US Coins

Coin history a fun topic because coins are the lifeblood of the vending industry.  Coins have more durability and a longer lifespan than paper money.  Plus, they are much more difficult to counterfeit.  Paper money, bills offer convenience in carrying that tends to make them more popular. Since the development of coins, commerce has relied … Read more

COVID-19 Facts

What Do You Know About COVID-19? Helpful Corona Virus Facts The corona virus is probably the most widespread topic of information currently in the media.  Misinformation is widespread as well.  Let’s look at some facts that will educate you.  Most of this information comes from the Johns Hopkins Hospital and the World Health Organization (WHO) … Read more

The Early Coin History in the US

This month lets look back at the history of coins in the US. Coins are the foundation of the vending industry.  The first vending machine was coin operated.  Current machines offer many payment options, but coins are still a mainstay of the industry.  There were three general types of money in the colonies of British … Read more

Are You Saving Money?

In last month’s blog, we looked at analyzing your business.  This is the best way to determine what specific actions can generate savings that best benefit your business.  This article will present a number of ideas for your consideration.  Hopefully, some of these as can be applied or adapted to help your business.   The … Read more

A Guide to Analyzing Your Business

We’re all looking for ways to make our business more profitable.  Analyzing your business is an important tool.  This analysis guide is how you start! The conversation on how to improve your business focuses on efficiency.  Before you began making changes, let’s look at how to analyzing your business to determine where your business currently … Read more

Know Your Products: Part 2 Tea

Coffee, Tea, and Condiments:  A 3-Part Series When you go into a business to discuss providing coffee service they are expecting you to be the expert.  Knowing the various products your company provides, the prices, equipment you use, and all the basic business info is standard.  What info will show them you are truly the … Read more